Scout Accounts Funds Tracker

Easily track funds raised by a group or individuals.

Why you need this app

The Scout Accounts Funds Tracker was developed to help users quickly and easily track funds raised by a group or individuals in a group.

Easy To Use

Intuitive and easy to use user interface.

Add, edit, and delete group member's information extremely fast.

Batch and individual update of account balances.


Filter account list by active, non-active or all members.

Find individual account fast with Voice Search.

Exclude individual from list or reports.


Share link to an account balance (Recipients view read-only information online).

Cloud Based

Safely login with Facebook or Google account (Required).

Safely synchronized your data on our secure server.

Data is backup on secured redundant servers.

More features

Add, edit, and delete group member's information extremely fast.

Generate and share accounts balances report.

View and share transaction history.

Dial a group member's phone number from within the app.

View accounts balances offline.

Manage up to 100 members accounts.

How it works

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Some screenshots

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Frequently asked questions

Can I use this for groups other than the boy scouts?

The app was developed for Boy Scouts, but it can be used by any group that need a way to track money that was raised by individuals of a group.

How many members can it support?

You can manage up to 100 members accounts.

Does the app allows you to add funds such as charging a credit card?

No it does not...only tracks existing funds.

Can accounts be manage by more than one administrator?

The app is designed for use by an administrator, but using the same user login allows more than one administrator to manage the group accounts.

What's the cost?

Its free to download and use the app to manage up to five members, after that a subscription is required.

Can I login on my desktop PC?

Comming soon. We are working on it.


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BSA money tracker Love this. Easy to use..GREAT for any size troop.
Samantha Flannery

love it App that track our individual account...
W. Johnson

Easy to use This is an easy to use scout accounts app. I like that u can send a link to the scout so they can see how much money they have in their account.
Cindy Green

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